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Broken Pick Studios Update for Nov. 15, 2014

This song was written in the past few weeks. Its personal, but many other people could potentially relate to it. Enjoy!


This song is dedicated to my father. He died back in 2012, and just before he passed away,
he gave his life to the Lord. Only God could have orchestrated how it happened…


Verse 1
I was born back in ‘61
You were my father, I was your son
We spent our entire lives apart
It’s still a nagging feeling in my heart
Over the course of my life I would think of you
And I’m willing to bet that you thought of me, too
A few years back I called to just say hi
And you said – hey, this is not a good time


Verse 2


You came to my house one day
And I really didn’t know just what to say
We sat across the table eye to eye
I think we said two words and one of them was “hi”

You took a wrong turn many years ago
The guilt was too much, you couldn’t let it go
Did you ever wonder what might have been
If you could start all over again


Verse 3


My life took a very different turn
There’s a lot of things that I have learned
You can choose to forgive and choose to forget
And go and live your life with no regrets

Why things turn out a certain way
No one knows and who can say
Some things just aren’t meant to be
As it turns out now, it’s ok with me.



We don’t get to choose when we’re born or when we die
But one thing we can never do is say no to the gift of God…
Eternal Life

I got a call you were fading fast
I went to visit you, it would be my last
You squeezed my hand but you couldn’t speak
There was no one there except my sister and me
Your eyes they spoke what you could not say
I said me and you, we’re ok
The spirit of God was there that day
Doing His work on Howard K


Verse 4


I went back home after I left that day
There was so many things that I wanted to say
So I wrote it all down and told him what he should do
And said Jesus is right there waiting for you
I folded my letter and began to pray
And I mailed it out that very same day

I called the nurses station and said to expect
A letter from me that I sent FEDEX
They promised they’d read my letter to him
The word of God would free him from sin
One week later my sister called
And she told me that you were gone
I don’t have to think what might have been
Cause now I know, I will see you again


What do you say… Howard K

What do you say… Howard K

What do you say… Howard K

What do you say… Howard K




released 15 November 2014



all rights reserved, 1997-2014


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